Performance at its best - German Sailing Team X NEW LAYER

Performance at its best - German Sailing Team X NEW LAYER

To promote health and environmental consciousness, NEW LAYER supports young and inspiring high-performance athletes across a variety of sports. Niklas Engelmann, a professional sailing champion, is part of the NEW LAYER family. Learn more about Niklas and how NEW LAYER helps him to be at his best.

“Sailing and NEW LAYER are a perfect fit, since both are about performance and caring for the environment” says Niklas.

Niklas is a German sailor that grew up near the Bodensee, which is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany. Already as a child he felt connected with the lake and was always eager to try out new ways to enjoy this beautiful stretch of nature. To him watersports like sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing have always been the perfect combination of adrenaline and savoring nature. At nine years old, he started to professionally engage in sailing. Today, he is one of Germany’s most promising young 49er sailors. Together with his teammate Justus Mickausch, he just landed the second place in the U 23 European championship.

“Achieving outstanding performance is all about routine” explains Niklas. Together with his team mate, he has carefully crafted their perfect routine prior, during and even after the race. For example, he always listens to his favorite playlist and looks out on the sea prior to every race in order to get into the zone. Beyond routine, key to success is reliable gear that allows you to be at your best.

For that, Niklas was looking for a new sunscreen that offers both high intensity and lasting UV protection as well as environmental awareness. With NEW LAYER sunscreen, he found what he had been looking for. His favorite performance features are the high UV rating [our LSF50+ achieves a UV protection of 70.2] , and the fact that it absorbs quickly, does not come off easily and does not irritate the eyes. “Ever since I started using NEW LAYER, most of my teammates keep on borrowing sunscreen from me” laughs Niklas.

As an aspiring athlete, Niklas is under immense pressure and we were curious to understand Niklas´ favorite antidote. His answer was “I just sit and watch the sea”. It seems that Niklas found a mind-healing happy place in the sea.

At NEW LAYER our goal is to protect and preserve this happy place and try to keep it free from any harmful substances.


(picture taken by Anna Suslova at the 49FX European Championship 2021)