Ever wondered why your skincare doesn‘t work as it should or you are sunburned even after using a sunscreen? Your activity in combination with external factors like weather in terms of temperature, humidity and UV-ray exposure create different needs of your skin. It is very similar to Outdoor apparel, which you also adjust depending on the weather and your activity. When you enjoy a very active life, it is even more important that your skin care performs as you do.

Our NEW LAYER Pro Bionic Face Care imitates the layering idea of Outdoor apparel:

The base layer nourishes the skin with organic essential oils and hydrates when needed with Bio Hyaluronic Acid, which infuses the skin with valuable and rejuvenating hydration. It helps to maintain skin elasticity.

The middle layer consists of a Probiotic Complex which improves your skin's barrier function through positively influencing both speed and quality of epidermis' renewal (the top layer of your skin). In combination with Pro Vitamin D, your skin revitalizes quicker and counteracts Vitamin D deficiency symptoms.

The outer shell layer protects you from harming external factors like pollution or UV-rays, which are the main factors for skin aging as well as stressed and dry skin, causing skin issues like breakouts, eczema, rosacea flares and psoriasis. Therefore, we have added Ectoin in the shell layer, which is a very powerful natural stress-protection molecule to prevent extrinsic aging, which is the result of exposure to external factors like Infrared, Blue Ray or pollution from fine dust. This multifunctional active ingredient is able to prevent cell damage and inflammation caused by all sorts of stress factors, thereby preserving the skin´s beauty and health. For warm days we have added UVA- and UVB-ray protection with a Sun Protection Factor of SPF20

Depending on the weather, we have adjusted the layers. For cooler and dry days the formulation is richer and has a more nourishing base layer with Organic Argan-, Buriti- and Baobab-Oil. For warmer days the face care is a highly breathable and light touch fluid added with UV-ray protection. This is real weather-smart skincare.

And if you are going outside with intensive sun exposure, NEW LAYER High Performance Sunscreen got you covered.