Here's the deal: When it comes to protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, there has always been a trade-off between performance and pollution control. Until now! It's time to get on a new layer – quite literally. NEW LAYER is a newly-developed vegan high performance sunscreen, 100% environmentally conscious and packed with an extra load of vitamin D to boost skin cell recovery. It's good for you and good for the planet.

Over two years of continuous research and development, NEW LAYER has used the latest technology to bring the absolute most out of science and nature's best ingredients. The high-performance sunscreen has been thoroughly developed in Germany and expertly crafted in Switzerland. It's like Oxford and Cambridge stopped racing each other and actually got in the same boat.


Thought up by a group of sports enthusiasts who spend each and every day outdoors themselves, the sunscreen has been designed to allow active people to savor the sun without compromise. That's why NEW LAYER is not only absorbed rapidly but its water resistance and UV protection start instantly so you can get out and get going right away. It uses the very latest in formulation technology to keep your skin breathing whether you’re playing sports or you’re simply relaxing on a beach. NEW LAYER keeps your skin free of that gooey feeling we all know and hate. No sticky icky!


NEW LAYER prides itself in delivering ultra-effective protection for an active lifestyle and also in being a fair sportsman to the environment. Following this eco-friendly code of conduct it uses all-natural vegan ingredients instead of micro or liquid plastic. NEW LAYER delivers the highest levels of performance while eliminating mineral oils, parabens and PEGs. And without Oxybenzones, Octocrylenes, Avobenzones or nano particles, your New Layer sunscreen is as reef-friendly as can be.

And since you have to walk the walk if you talk the talk, all NEW LAYER packaging, from the vibrant 80s themed bottle to the characteristic cardboard box, is made from recycled materials as well.

As further proof of a point that should no longer need proving – environmental consciousness cannot the treated lightly – the state of Hawaii has been among the first to ban Oxybenzones by law, a groundbreaking move that is sure to be copied the world over. So, while in the future other sunscreens will be denied access upon arrival in Hawaii, you'll be able to calmly pack NEW LAYER for your trip knowing that its ingredients will not do any damage whatsoever to coral reefs or any other marine wildlife.

Last but not least NEW LAYER products are all certified climate neutral. We work hard to minimize waste and offset what's not avoidable. While we produce all our materials locally to minimize our impact (formulation in Switzerland, packaging in Germany), we offset the remaining emission of climate gases. But not only the once at our production, we offset everything until it arrives at you. That is fully climate neutral in our sense.