In 2019, NEW LAYER has allocated a donation and of course enough sunscreen to the environmental project of York Hovest. Together with two friends, the photographer and National Geographic book author crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat – from Gran Canaria to Barbados during a period of over 50 days. The crew started their journey beginning of December 2019 and arrived 5000km later in January 2020 in Barbados.

The ocean crossing is part of his mission to save the oceans by enhancing the visibility of the “Heroes of the Sea” as he calls the people in his recent book whose activities contribute to saving the oceans. NEW LAYER and HEROES OF THE SEAS are a perfect fit as we are partner on the same mission to save our planet and inspire others to follow us on this mission.

Besides the environmental aspect it was especially important for us to show the High Performance aspect of NEW LAYER Sunscreen. We always say, "tested on athletes, never on animals" and rowing across the Atlantic Ocean is definitely the best test we can imagine. Not only the UV-ray protection is important for such a project, but also how the formulation performs in terms of absorption, skin feeling and breathability.

York Hovest says: “50 days, 5000km in a rowing boat across the Atlantic. In the process, NEW LAYER sunscreen kept its promise. 100% skin protection without sticking to the skin."  

It seems Andi, one of York's companions, enjoyed the feel and touch of NEW LAYER Sunscreen.

Apart from the challenging crossing, York is working on another ambitious project: A platform where all activities to save the ocean can be displayed: a Wikipedia of the oceans heroes, accessible to everyone. The ideas of NEW LAYER founders Daniel and Markus match with those of York: Create uncompromising, conscious and performing innovations for an active life, all while minimalizing our eco footprint. Our activities inspire others to protect their own and planet's health.

To find out more information about York Hovest´s project “Heroes of the Sea”, click the following link: